Tavleboka - Interactive learning tool

Tavleboka is a tool meant to be used on computers or a touch enabled blackboard, like the Smartboard.

This system features two parts, an admin part making it easy for the publisher to upload and enrich print based books in pdf format. The "presentation" application is what the teacher uses to create a rich and highly interactive learning experience for the pupils. This application can be run in any browser through the Adobe Flash platform and is capable of playing back interactive media such as sounds, animations. It will also take user input such as text, drawings, sticky notes and so on. This project was two years is the making and is an essential part of gradually enriching the world of education.

My part in this:

  • Concept development
  • System architect
  • Tech lead
  • Development of the presentation application
  • Later development of the admin application

Tools and technologies utilized:

  • Adobe Flashbuilder (Flex)
  • JavaScript

«Kupongrettere» - Interactive lottery apps/games

«Kupongrettere» or something like "coupon checkers" in english, are four interactive web applications / games giving users of «Norsk Tippings» (Norwegian money game provider) lottery the possibility of reliving the actual lottery, only in an interactive manner.

The applications are written using JavaScript and the latest HTML/CSS standards. The applications was especially tailored to work well on both modern desktop browsers as well as on the iPad. To make this happen we had to utilize CSS 3 technologies, such as transitions and 3D transforms.

My part in this:

  • Concept development (part of team)
  • Most of the JavaScript development
  • HTML & CSS for two of the games

Tools and technologies utilized:

  • HTML
  • CSS 3
  • JavaScript
  • jQuery

Snaptshot.no - WordPress site

Snapshot.no is a WordPress based site aiming as a entrance for users in Norway interested in the Snapshot product from Tele2.

The site was created using the Thematic WordPress theme as a foundation, extending functionality to provide functions like custom view for blog posts, form submissions trough AJAX and other the ability for the admin-users to show or hide custom elements on the site.

My part in this

  • All PHP development customizing the WordPress templates and creation of WordPress plugins.
  • Implementation of design and creation of JavaScript for animation and validation using jQuery and CSS3.

Tools and technologies utilized

  • WordPress (Thematic)
  • HTML
  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • CSS3
  • JavaScript
  • jQuery