Sun Jul 24 2022

Løplabbet e-commerce site

Shows the category page for with several shoes and some filters
The category page for was a Next.js website and e-commerce project integrating with Sanity CMS and the Omnium Order managements system. The whole project was based a previous Gatsby project which didn't perform to satisfactory levels for the client.

Overall architecture

A diagram for the overall architecture overall architecture

The goal of system was to have a fast and discoverable e-commerce website that allowed editors to manage product (though Omnium) and editorial content through Sanity.

We chose to use Next.js for this project since some of the content like articles and other pages where suitable for static rendering, while other page like product pages needed to have a faster turnover whenever a product was updated.

The product database itself was handled by an order management system called Omnium. A Next.js API was created, integrating with Omnium to handle displaying product, creating shopping carts and fulfilling orders. Additional integrations was also written to handle payments for orders, these included Klarna and Vipps.

For editorial content, the Sanity CMS was configured and integrated with. Hosting was handled using Netlify, which also handled all incoming webhooks from Sanity.

My part in this

As a solution architect I was responsible making the new Next.js version of perform better for both end users and internal users. This included everything from structuring the project, communicating with third parties like Omnium and others, as well as advising the customer on which hosting platform to choose and a slew of other stuff. I was also responsible for writing the code for large parts of the Next.js project.

Tools and technologies used

Additional images

The front page
An article
The main menu
The categories page
A product page
The shopping cart
The checkout