Kinderås.com is a site containing many sites within, kinda like an onion with the layers and stuff, except this site is not a vegetable.

I'm the dude who produces all the stuff which goes into this site, that's me on the left (or on top if you're on a tiny screen).

There are two blogs on this site, one is about the work I have done in a professional setting and is called «Work». The other blog is called «Technology» and is about cooking...no really, it's about technology and it is my personal take on this area. The topics ranges within whatever plops into my mind, might it be random babbling or explicitly specific demonstrations of for loops. See the categories and tags at the bottom of the page for topcs.

I also like to take pictures, you can see some of my work under the «Photography» page. I'm not a protog, it's just a hobby - adjust your expectations accordingly.

This site is updated with a frequency resembling that of the appearance and disappearance of exotic particles on a quantum plane. In other words, random.

Kinderås is my last name, it does not translate well into english URLs, hence the URL without the special letter Å. So no, it does not relate to Stargåte SG1 / Atlåntis / Universe in any way!


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